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The ROBUST Study

Strengthening programme for ambulant adolescents with cerebral palsy.

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Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused when babies around the time of their birth suffer brain injury from lack of oxygen in the brain. As they grow, children with CP develop stiff and weak muscles. They often have difficulty walking and moving and that makes it difficult for them to join in different activities.

Physiotherapy becomes a big part of their lives as it tries to train their muscles and help them participate in activities. When they reach their adolescent years and their body grows bigger the weakness of muscles in the legs becomes more of a problem. It is possible that a programme of exercises to strengthen their leg muscles could help them remain more active. We are not certain that young people with CP truly benefit from the time and effort they dedicate to doing these exercises. We are also not sure if this exercise might cause them too much discomfort and muscle soreness to be able to carry it out long-term.

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